Copper Trade Signal Alert for February 09th

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Here is my March Copper futures trade signal alert for the day of Feb 09th only. Sell stop entry signal below 3.0615 and first stop loss above 3.1190. Target 2.9500. If filled on my entry signal then each day I will move my protective stops to limit losses until I exit the position. I do not update my stop losses on this free service. A simple way to determine stop loss points is to use the 9 and 18 exponential averages.

“Copper at 3.1180 broke South indicating more of upcoming Bearishness for the Red metal. The fall is likely to continue and price could move to major long term support near 3.05. That if holds could produce a bounce to higher marks in the longer run….”

This commentary and chart is provided for informational and educational purposes only and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any gold contract. Here’s the chart which is provided by

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