Live Cattle Trade Signal Alert for January 30th

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Here is my April Live Cattle futures trade signal alert for Jan 30th only. Buy stop entry signal above 126.125  and first stop loss below 124.800. Targets at 127.000 and 130.000 If filled on a signal then each day I will move my protective stops to limit losses until I exit the position. I do not update my stop losses on this free service.

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“Cattle futures rose after a late surge in physical cattle prices last week. Futures traders spent much of last week trying to anticipate how much meatpackers would pay feedyards for their cattle, with the two groups in a deadlock. When the trade finally kicked off on Friday afternoon, prices came in higher than expected. That sparked a bounce when futures markets reopened on Monday.”

This commentary and chart is provided for informational and educational purposes only and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any gold contract. Here’s the chart which is provided by

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